“Attending the ‘I’m Creation’ retreat was simply amazing – a heartfelt experience that filled my soul with gratitude and positive change.”

I recently had the privilege of participating in the “I’m Creation” retreat organized by the wonderful Padmani Alyona.

As a Tantra Master, I was invited to share insights on love, gratitude, and meditation, and introduce Tantra to new participants.

The retreat blended warmth, acceptance, and meticulous planning harmoniously. Padmani Alyona’s care for each participant created a sanctuary for self-discovery.

My role as a Tantra Master was met with enthusiasm and openness. Together, we explored love, gratitude, meditation, and the transformative power of tantra. The collective energy and genuine connections made each session memorable.

The sense of community fostered by Padmani Alyona was remarkable. Strangers became friends, creating a family of individuals on a shared growth journey.

The “I’m Creation” retreat was a profound experience of self-discovery and transformation. I’m grateful to Padmani Alyona for orchestrating this magical journey and to all the beautiful souls who shared it with me. If you seek a soulful space for exploration and connection, the “I’m Creation” retreat is truly enchanting.

Love Satyarthi