I am creation retreat was an experience that will always be remembered, felt, and embodied for years to come. I went into this experience, all I knew was that Alena had created and experience that shared all the mentors and masters that had helped her with the amazing journey that she has experienced. I got to experience authentic connecting, dance as a way to connect with ourselves and others, Tantra, amazing facilitators and so much more. I left feeling like I had spent a moment to center, reconnect with my heart, and make friends with my shadows and triggers… so that, I could leave feeling better than when I arrived. If you ever get the chance to immerse yourself in the next experience, I highly recommend you do. It will call you and your heart/intuition will guide you to simply show up and have a personal and unique experience. Plus a lot of fun, play, and adventure too! Alena makes the deep work light and fun too!