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At I Am Creation Retreat, we offer a transformative journey where you’ll leave feeling more connected, empowered, and inspired than ever before.

Elevate your projects with unstoppable momentum and a supportive community​

Unlock your leadership potential to shape a lasting legacy

Reignite your vitality and infuse playfulness and joy to transcend burnout

Tap into your body’s wisdom to express your purpose and unleash creativity

Invest in yourself, your well-being, and your relationships and your life force

Embrace the clarity and focus needed to achieve your goals swiftly

Empower yourself as an entrepreneur to ignite transformative change

Live a life abundant in freedom, alignment, flow, growth, and self-sovereignty


Even More Beautiful Words From Happy Attendees!

Read it for yourself, here are even more beautiful experiences from our previous event attendees!

This retreat is a must-experience!

Heartwarming, mind-expanding, inspiring.
The energy, attention, and love the organizers invest in every little detail create an incredible atmosphere. Awesome place with the best sunset view. Delicious food. Amazing people.

Deep conversations, powerful practices, and a lot of fun in the same time:)
I’ve got some really important experiences and insights, and it’s changing my life.

Thank you so much for this inner journey!

I Am Creation Retreat is an Amazing Platform

I always knew I am meant to give and be of service and I am Creation is a reflection of this. It’s this amazing platform that is filled with giving, be it from the organizers, the instructors, or the participants themselves, everyone had their share to give in this retreat, and that’s why it resonated so much with me.

I came back from the retreat so encouraged and pumped to move even further and faster with my personal journey with steadier steps, knowing that I have met people who will be cheering me on all the way and will also bring their wisdom and support when needed.

This is highly recommended to anyone feeling they have this “I don’t know what it is” holding them back because believe me, after this retreat, first you will know what it WAS! and second you will be able to get over it and move forward as you are meant to.

Very Inspiring

Apart from how | ended up in this retreat (which was magical by the way), | got to experience my very first self development retreat. I’ve been to yoga and meditation retreats, but this was different. It offered a wide range of teachings, modalities, tools that were powerful. | love the energy that Alena and her team brought to the space. It was infectious. The participants was a
congregation of open and loving people that formed a bond and a community that will be forever cherished. The location was beautiful with breathtaking views of rice fields, and the Indian Ocean. Very inspiring.

An unforgettable retreat experience!

An unforgettable retreat experience! Set in a tranquil oasis, surrounded by palm trees and birdsong, I found myself among extraordinary individuals from around the world. It’s a place to relax, connect, and nurture your dreams. With delicious food, impeccable organization, and world-class teachers leading transformative workshops, every moment was magical. And the healing energy of Bali only enhanced the experience. If you’re ready for a journey of self-discovery and growth, surrounded by a supportive community, this retreat is for you!

It was an awesome experience for my first retreat!

It was an awesome experience for my first retreat. I participated in events that I would not normally do or think of doing. This has gained me personal insights that I can take with me through life. The organization was perfect. Everything ran smoothly and on time with a schedule everyone could follow. The venue and food was also amazing. I highly recommend this retreat if its your first time or even if you have experience. There was something for everyone. I am grateful for participating.

Bursted me open

I’ve been to many retreats, both as a facilitator, photographer as a participant.
And this retreat fully bursted me open!
Ofcourse it’s always the timing of the individual, but next to my personal opening, all felt so alligned. Teachers are top notch, the scheduling is well balanced (quite intens, but that makes for deep transformation to happen). All is well taken care of.
It comes down to the people who organise in cocreation with spirit. And that is felt.
I’m absolutely returning for this, and can fully recommend this, if you feel any resonance <3

Infinite Well-Being Returns on Investment: I Am Creation Retreat

It makes sense that money, a symbol of your energy, LOVES to be invested in experiences that not only magnify your essence but also broaden your prosperity in extraordinary ways.

The I Am Creation Retreat exemplifies this, transforming it from a mere getaway to an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and growth.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Alena and every vibrant soul—teachers and participants alike—who together created a high-vibration constellation of transformative energy.

This retreat showcased Alena’s unique ability to attract and harmonise energies that catalyse profound personal transformations.

Reflecting on our journey of intense learning, unlearning, and relearning, WE deeply value the connections made, which continue to resonate and enrich our lives.

As a family, since attending the retreat, our well-being has significantly enhanced across all dimensions—mentally, emotionally, physically, environmentally, intellectually, financially, socially, creatively, and spiritually.

WE are immensely grateful for this experience and believe that our insights will inspire others at the perfect moment to embark on this life-changing journey.

The I Am Creation Retreat IS The NEW Family Vacation. This is an experience that will propel you all towards a richer, more loving, more meaningful, and more connected life together. Just as it has done for our beloved family.

If You are reading this and you are ready to embark on your own journey of profound transformation, WE are SO EXCITED for you


and WE will look forward to being with you all in November 2024.

With deep appreciation and infinite love,

🔥 Phoenix

👑 RE

👁️ Landan



A Heartfelt Journey at the Im creation Retreat

“Attending the ‘I’m Creation’ retreat was simply amazing – a heartfelt experience that filled my soul with gratitude and positive change.”

I recently had the privilege of participating in the “I’m Creation” retreat organized by the wonderful Padmani Alyona.

As a Tantra Master, I was invited to share insights on love, gratitude, and meditation, and introduce Tantra to new participants.

The retreat blended warmth, acceptance, and meticulous planning harmoniously. Padmani Alyona’s care for each participant created a sanctuary for self-discovery.

My role as a Tantra Master was met with enthusiasm and openness. Together, we explored love, gratitude, meditation, and the transformative power of tantra. The collective energy and genuine connections made each session memorable.

The sense of community fostered by Padmani Alyona was remarkable. Strangers became friends, creating a family of individuals on a shared growth journey.

The “I’m Creation” retreat was a profound experience of self-discovery and transformation. I’m grateful to Padmani Alyona for orchestrating this magical journey and to all the beautiful souls who shared it with me. If you seek a soulful space for exploration and connection, the “I’m Creation” retreat is truly enchanting.

Love Satyarthi


Alona created a beautiful experience...

Alona created a beautiful experience and brought in wonderful people and facilitators (myself being one of them).

The location was exquisite, and so was the music, experiences, and food. The event was a variety of something for all tastes and preferences, while not losing it’s deeper focus on liberating people to be their best self in the world.

There was many different initiations, transmissions, group events, time for hangouts, as well as state of the art biohacking tools!

My top 3 highlights were the connections I made, the special darkness dinner, and getting to share my gifts with people who are interested in the intersection between spirituality and entrepreneurship, between inner and outer freedom.

Knowing Alona’s love for growth, as well as her vision, I am very much looking forward to see how IamCreation continues to evolve and grow over the many years to come!

A Transformative Experience

I recently had the privilege of attending IAMCREATION Retreat and surpassed all my expectations leaving an indelible mark on my life. A truly transformative experience.

The facilitators were not only knowledgeable but also genuinely passionate about guiding participants on their personal journeys.

The bonds formed during those few days are invaluable, and I left with a network of like-minded individuals who have become an integral part of my ongoing journey.

I recommend this retreat to anyone seeking a transformative experience. Whether you are on a quest for self-discovery, inner peace, or simply a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this retreat offers a sanctuary for personal growth. Prepare to be inspired, rejuvenated, and forever changed by this truly exceptional experience.

An experience that will be embodied for years to come

I am creation retreat was an experience that will always be remembered, felt, and embodied for years to come. I went into this experience, all I knew was that Alena had created and experience that shared all the mentors and masters that had helped her with the amazing journey that she has experienced. I got to experience authentic connecting, dance as a way to connect with ourselves and others, Tantra, amazing facilitators and so much more. I left feeling like I had spent a moment to center, reconnect with my heart, and make friends with my shadows and triggers… so that, I could leave feeling better than when I arrived. If you ever get the chance to immerse yourself in the next experience, I highly recommend you do. It will call you and your heart/intuition will guide you to simply show up and have a personal and unique experience. Plus a lot of fun, play, and adventure too! Alena makes the deep work light and fun too!


An experience that everyone should try!

An experience that everyone should experience – requests may be different – but the answer is always the same – Love. And how often, behind the pain of the past, we close our hearts from the world and block ourselves – and feel life only 5-20%. 12 masters from all over the world create the quintessence of various practices and approaches – and all together this gives an incredible result – at all levels of life – energy, mental, emotions, body! There is nothing more beautiful than starting to feel life 100%. The location, the organization, the food – at the highest level – which is important – in order to undergo the transformation in a safe place. and not be distracted by any little things – and completely surrender to the process. The best experience I have had over many years of transformation and healing of myself.

I Am Creation was beautifully created from start to finish!

I Am Creation was beautifully created from start to finish. I met so many incredible people that I now call family ❤️ The instructors were highly skilled individuals and I left with lots of new knowledge. Highly recommend this retreat to anyone that’s on the spiritual path and seeking to immerse themselves into a unique, potent portal! Huge plus: the food was incredible and the venue was stunning. I felt so inspired every day being in this space

A meaningful experience in a heavenly location.

I really enjoyed attending the I am Creation Retreat.
Alena has an amazing vision of creating an oasis of peace, expansion and growth in a world where there`s so much stress, anxiety and confusion.
I found myself surrounded by amazing people, in a magical location, and learned some new tools that I can use in my life to stay aligned and keep the magic going.
I highly recommend!

The Journey to Transcendence

I am at a loss for words on what to write, which is deserving of how I feel about this retreat.

The breakthroughs, the soul connections, the heart to heart conversations, the beautiful landscape and the spectacular sunsets.

My heart is so full of fireworks, and my body is electrified with ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ sparkles all over like I am touched by a magic wand with stardust surrounding me wherever I go.

I see things with clarity and feel with so much wisdom.

This is a transformative journey for those ready to elevate yourself to the next level of higher self.

It’s not just leadership and creation, it’s transcendence to divinity of conscious self.

I get into this community...

This is a community of the most powerful teachers and masters from all over the world. I get into this community, you grow instantly. I have attended many retreats, but nowhere have there been so many strong masters among the participants. Thank you for this incredible experience!

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended, very well organized and the plans the work everyday was something magical.
I’m so grateful I did this experience.

10 stars 🌟 @ how can we stop at 5!?

10 stars 🌟 @ how can we stop at 5!?

This retreat is just such juicy combination of topics and knowledge suchbhealthy sald! Please do it more 🙏🏼

Is hard to put in words such experiences so much empowering I love this creation inspire me to create. In so joining the ext one for sure I live the nurturing connections I love it so Much Thank u!!!!

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