Phoenix Hayes Stevens

I can genuinely say that the I Am Creation Retreat exemplifies the transformative journey of embracing one’s true self—a principle I live by with passion and sincerity. My life, enriched and guided by the retreat’s ethos, stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements one can attain when authentically aligned with their deepest values and […]

Mayssoun el Chamma

As an ambassador for the I Am Creation Retreat, I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative experience to anyone ready to unlock their potential. The retreat fosters a vibrant community of giving and support, from organizers to participants, creating a unique environment where everyone contributes to mutual growth. Returning from the retreat, I felt immensely encouraged and […]


Having personally experienced the profound impact of the I Am Creation Retreat, my testimony resonates deeply with those seeking authentic growth and fulfillment. My role as an ambassador reflects not only my own transformative journey but also extends an invitation for others to embark on a similar path of self-discovery. My advocacy for the retreat […]

Joe Tandle

Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur with 12 successful ventures across industries like tech, education, VR, hospitality, and real estate. He has established four thriving communities across 52 countries, driven by his passion for empowering communities and fostering connections.  Known for his heart-centered leadership, Joe excels in nurturing successful leaders through his signature events, such as […]


Mayssoun is a seasoned Business Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Events Management expert with an impressive 24-year journey in the industry. Alongside her extensive professional experience, Mayssoun’s path to self-discovery has been shaped by her mastery of various modalities, including life coaching using NLP & hypnosis, Theta Healing, and breathwork. These practices not only serve as […]


Akram is a dynamic Business Entrepreneur and Self-Development Coach based in Dubai. With over 18 years of experience in media and real estate, Akram has also dedicated over a decade to empowering individuals and corporations through self-development programs and workshops. Akram’s expertise extends far and wide, as he holds certifications in over 25 modalities, including […]


A former Corporate Executive in Ukraine’s largest seafood importing company, turned Empowered Entrepreneur, boasts 18 years of business experience. Her humble solo venture has evolved into an eight-figure enterprise in Estonia, now supported by a team of 15 professionals. Notably, her company proudly serves as the official representative of the largest seafood producer in the […]

Marcelo Craviotto

Originally from Argentina, Marcelo is a former CEO who made a life-changing decision to dedicate his life to transforming lives through power of dance. Going beyond technicalities, he emphasizes empathy and connection to help people rebuild trust, heal wounds, and explore their limits. His kind approach dissolves mental and emotional blockages, unleashing the full potential […]

Dr. Steven Schwarz

Dr. Steven Schwartz  is a visionary technology designer, sonic alchemist and evolutionary performance expert, who has developed numerous vibrational-based technologies and biofeedback systems. His passion is supporting people on their journey to achieve greatness, knowing that the more you believe in your potential, the more humanity can evolve as a collective species.

Katerina Reihan

Known as “The Woman with the Most Tender Embrace in the World,” Katerina bridges the material and sensual realms through the magic of tantra, tantric massage, and meditation, having studied under master teachers. Through her immersive, activating experiences, she will guide you to enter a profound meditative space, so you can embark on a journey […]