Joe Tandle

Joe is a seasoned entrepreneur with 12 successful ventures across industries like tech, education, VR, hospitality, and real estate. He has established four thriving communities across 52 countries, driven by his passion for empowering communities and fostering connections.  Known for his heart-centered leadership, Joe excels in nurturing successful leaders through his signature events, such as […]

Juan Manuel & Purnama

With 13+ years of experience in self-development, wellness, and holistic healing, Juan creates spaces for positive transformation, embodied change,  and reconnection to Mother Earth. He integrates ancient & modern approaches with deep wisdom gained from his personal journey. His extensive expertise includes plant medicine, ceremony, rituals, medicine music, yoga, relationships & intimacy, trauma-informed healing, and […]

Brian Kelly

Recognized internationally as a pioneer in the field of breathwork, Brian developed a renowned, mind-bending signature breathwork method unlike anything you’ve experienced before. He’s also the Co-Founder of YogiLab, a Bali-Based personal development platform. Brian will support you in shedding the weight of the past so you can experience self-love, liberation, acceptance, balance, and peace.

Eri Kardos

Eri Kardos is the founder and lead coach of Relearn Love, LLC, specializing in enhancing leaders’ influence by improving personal connections. Using science and somatic-based methods, Eri helps clients rediscover passion, improve intimacy, and resolve conflicts to positively impact their careers and personal lives. A sought-after speaker, she has engaged audiences at top companies like […]

Mateo Arian

Mateo is a psychologist, best-selling author, and engineer specialized in complex and developmental trauma. For more than a decade he’s explored diverse states of consciousness through spiritual mentors, traditions, and solitary retreats. He draws upon his extensive 15-year experience to guide people from all backgrounds to break free from limitations and dogma with wildness, authenticity, […]

Rory Callanghan

With a holistic perspective on well-being, he ignites human potential, encouraging individuals to lead from their hearts and aligned internal compass. Rory is dedicated to optimizing the human experience, fostering a life without regrets, and uplifting others along the way. He believes in the power of authentic expression and creations, living a legacy rather than […]

Jaymin J. Patel

With a global perspective from living in over 50 countries, Jaymin has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and national governments. Author of 8 books and a TEDx speaker with 50K+ views, he’s been featured at Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics.
Business Owners, Corporate Leaders, and Spiritual Teachers seek Jaymin when pondering “what’s […]