Phoenix Hayes Stevens

I can genuinely say that the I Am Creation Retreat exemplifies the transformative journey of embracing one’s true self—a principle I live by with passion and sincerity. My life, enriched and guided by the retreat’s ethos, stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements one can attain when authentically aligned with their deepest values and […]

Mayssoun el Chamma

As an ambassador for the I Am Creation Retreat, I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative experience to anyone ready to unlock their potential. The retreat fosters a vibrant community of giving and support, from organizers to participants, creating a unique environment where everyone contributes to mutual growth. Returning from the retreat, I felt immensely encouraged and […]


Having personally experienced the profound impact of the I Am Creation Retreat, my testimony resonates deeply with those seeking authentic growth and fulfillment. My role as an ambassador reflects not only my own transformative journey but also extends an invitation for others to embark on a similar path of self-discovery. My advocacy for the retreat […]